Netflix Announces You Season 4

Before Season 3 of You debuts on Netflix, the series is getting another bunch of episodes on the platform. The streaming giant announced the move today ahead of the October 15th debut. You has a ton of fans who can't get enough of Penn Badgley skulking and scheming. Season 3's trailer sees the main character and his new wife moving out into the suburbs. But, everything isn't exactly peachy-keen behind these white picket fences. (Honestly, how could it be with the baggage that Joe and Love have been carrying around.) If that weren't enough drama, there's a baby in the midst now as Madre Linda serves as the new background for all this violence and tension. Even more worrisome for Joe is the fact that he might not be the most deadly member of the household anymore as Love has her eyes on a fresh start. Things are going to get wild and fans are already preparing themselves for the inevitable cliffhanger that is sure to make its presence felt this time around.

"Reading Caroline's novel, Greg and I were instantly obsessed with Joe Goldberg and his twisted world view," producer Sera Gamble offered in a release. "And it's been thrilling to watch Penn bring Joe to creepy yet compelling life. We're deeply grateful that Netflix has shown You such monumental support, and that people around the world have enjoyed watching Joe really get it all very wrong over the past 3 seasons. The whole You team is excited to explore new, dark facets of love in Season 4."

In an earlier thread on social media, the producer commended the entire cast and crew for their work on the series as it stands so far. COVID-19 impacted the development of this season, but all parties involved rose to the occasion to complete this batch of episodes.

"I feel privileged to have gotten to witness everyone's creativity, resilience and kindness. I mean, I knew our team was tough and good at their jobs, but holy shit did everyone show up for each other. All the way up the Warner's/Netflix ladder and in every production department," she wrote on Twitter earlier this year. "(Also, the episodes are fucking bonkers and the performances are insanely good. That's all I'll say about that till we are ready to talk about the new season.)

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