Paul Rudd Crashes Conan O'Brien's Last Week To Pull One Final Prank

Conan O'Brien is bringing his TBS show to a close, and this week is the show's final week. To [...]

Conan O'Brien is bringing his TBS show to a close, and this week is the show's final week. To celebrate the milestone many of the show's favorite guests have made appearances throughout the week, and Paul Rudd was not going to miss out on all the fun. During an interview with Bill Hader, Rudd made a surprise appearance, but he didn't just come onto the show to talk. Instead, he decided to pull not one but two final pranks on the show before Conan signed off, and for longtime fans of Rudd's appearances on Conan, there was simply no better way to close things out than with a clip of Mac and Me.

Conan was initially talking to Hader about SNL, asking if there was a sketch that went horribly wrong. Hader revealed that there was, talking about a sketch that included his impression of Ed Burns. He had worked with Burns on a previous movie and afterward had worked on an impression of him. During one of the episodes Rudd hosted, the two did a sketch where they both talked like Burns while grilling and asking for pop, and that was pretty much the whole sketch.

Hader then said that while he committed, Rudd didn't do his Burns impression during the sketch, and he didn't know why. At that point, Rudd came out to the stage, and he revealed the real reason the sketch didn't work.

Rudd said he did the voice, but it didn't work because the "sketch was terrible". Rudd said they thought it was a funny concept, but it just didn't land and didn't get one laugh. In fact, he revealed that Lorne Michaels said it was the worst received sketch he had ever seen. That's when Rudd says they record sketches in dress rehearsal though, and cued it up to watch.

Then a clip from MOVIE played, and longtime fans of the show know this is the clip that Rudd has pranked Conan with so many times before. That's why Hader and Conan couldn't stop laughing, but he wasn't done yet.

As they talked about all the times it had happened before, Rudd revealed he was always debating between that clip and a clip from Baby Geniuses, which he always thought was funny. Since this was the last week, he wanted to finally play that clip, but when they brought it up, the same clip played yet again, and everyone lost it.

It's a great moment, and you can watch it in the clip above.