Pennyworth Showrunner on the Possibilities of Batman in HBO Max Series (Exclusive)

The third season of Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman's Butler recently concluded with a season finale that upped the ante for the DC inspired series that explores the early life of Alfred Pennyworth long before Bruce Wayne and Batman. One of the more interesting aspects of the HBO Max series — outside of that exploration of Alfred's history — is the show's unique spin on the iconic Batman mythos, particularly when it comes to his family. The third season of Pennyworth featured young Samantha Wayne, the child of Martha and Thomas who, in this version of the story, would be Bruce's older sister. However, this season revealed that little Samantha is herself an interesting character and when asked by's Nicole Drum in a recent interview if he's considered approaching the point where Bruce would enter the story or even deviating a bit and having Samantha end up a vigilante herself, showrunner Bruno Heller said both things are "in the mix as a possibility"

"She's great, isn't she? She's really good," Heller said of Jayda Eyles, who plays Samantha. "Both of those things are in the mix as a possibility when you're creating this kind of storyline, which ends with facts that people already know. You kind of have to keep your options open and always be surprising. Always find a way to get your story to where it's supposed to go, but in ways that people weren't expecting and developments that no one saw coming. And I think that's what we promised for this season. I think we delivered on that, and we will continue to deliver in the same way. Just wait and see.

Will there be a fourth season of Pennyworth?

As of the time of this article's writing, Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman's Butler has not yet been renewed for Season 4, but Heller has promised that should there be a fourth season, it will be "slightly more bonkers" than Season 3.

"It definitely is the Prime Minister who's got his, or rather, he was the target and not the entire city of London," Heller told us. "There's enough of the city left to rebuild in Season 4. And, as you know, nuclear bombs at least in the comic books lead to all sorts of shenanigans. Strange developments."

"It would have to be slightly more bonkers," Heller added about where Season 4 could go after the blast. "We've got to keep up that arc. It's leading to a world in which people like Batman and the Joker exist so it was always the intention to kind of keep upping the ante on the craziness of this world as long as it keeps a grounding in real life, which is where Jack Bannon and Alfred come in, because he's such a regular person The world will get stranger and crazier as it goes on."

Season 3 of Pennyworth is now streaming on HBO Max.