Popular Hulu Series Surprisingly Ending With Season 2 Releasing This Week

Hulu's smash hit series Pen15 is ending much earlier than fans were expecting. On Monday, it was confirmed (via The Hollywood Reporter) that the Emmy-nominated comedy series will be ending after two seasons on Hulu. The final episodes of Season 2 — which are now currently the final episodes of the overall series — will debut on Hulu this Friday, December 3rd. The series is created by and stars Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, and sees them playing versions of themselves as 13-year-old social outcasts in the year 2000, surrounded by actual 13-year-olds, where the best day of your life can turn into your worst with the stroke of a gel pen.

According to the report, Erskine and Konkle were behind the decision to end the series, as they were "ready to take a break" on the decade-long project. That being said, Hulu is reportedly leaving the door open or Erskine and Konkle to return for future seasons if they choose to do so, and is interested in working with the duo on other projects.

Pen15 first premiered in 2019, and went on to receive an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. The first episodes of their sophomore season premiered in September of 2020, with both Erskine and Konkle speaking publicly about the challenges of filming the series, which features a cast of mostly teenagers, amid the pandemic. The show also released an animated special in August of this year.

"There are so many funny and fucked-up and sad memories within the in-between time of childhood and high school," Konkle told Rolling Stone in an interview earlier this year. "You're not a child, and you're not a teen. You're experiencing sexual things, and your brain is changing, and your body is betraying you. It felt like, 'I want to talk about the first time I was fingered. It hurt. And it was funny. I was pretending I liked it, and then I walked around with a waddle for a day, because he didn't know what the fuck he was doing. He was, like, mining for gold.' The more shameful was the funnier stuff to us, and we thought that would not be accepted. But more people seem to appreciate the secret-telling, the stuff that we were told not to talk about."

The series' executive producers include The Lonely Island, and other cast members of the series include Richard Karn, Taylor Nichols, Melora Walters, Dallas Liu, and Taj Cross.

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As mentioned above, Pen15 will premiere its final episodes on Friday, December 3rd only on Hulu.