Pringles Mascot Reveals His Full Body After John Oliver Challenge

This Sunday, despite the series being on hiatus, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver uploaded a new [...]

This Sunday, despite the series being on hiatus, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel which addressed an ongoing debate among the viewers of the show. At one point during this season of the series, the host went on one of his trademark rambly bits that was unrelated to the topic at hand and at one point that bit was about what the actual body of the Pringles mascot looks like. Oliver even offered a reward to find out this sacred knowledge and it only took the chip company two days to respond, posting a video on Twitter of the mascot's full body. It's about what you might expect.

"I know so much useless information about Pringles, but not the one thing that I really want to know, which is, what is Julius Pringles working with from the neck down?" Oliver said in the video. "Do I need to know this? No, I don't. Do I want to? Yes, I do. So much so that I'm willing to donate $10,000 to Feeding America if Pringles answers my question, on the condition of course that they don't spend a f—ing cent on Pringles, because it's a garbage snack. It's garbage."

Pringles' officially video not only revealed the body of "Julius Pringle" but also confirme they're matching Oliver's donation. In a tweet they wrote: "The moment @IamJohnOliver and @LastWeekTonight have been waiting for. In honor of every second John has thought of Mr. P's body, we are donating $1 to @feedingamerica, which happens to be $10K." The video features....just a guy in a costume of Julius Pringle. It's a little disappointing.

Oliver's show remains on hiatus until February though we imagine an update on this Pringles development will arrive in the coming days.

The comedian made headlines a few weeks ago after another update to a long-running gag arrived in the form of Star Wars actor Adam Driver, who made a surprise appearance in the season finale of the series. For months Oliver had been making weirdly aggressive and suggestive references to the physical traits of Driver, with the actor appearing via FaceTime to chastise him.