Own the ‘Rick and Morty’ T-Shirt Design Contest Winners

Is Rick and Morty slowly taking over your entire wardrobe? If so, we’re here to make the problem [...]


Is Rick and Morty slowly taking over your entire wardrobe? If so, we're here to make the problem worse by unveiling the winners of Hot Topic's Rick and Morty t-shirt design contest!

The contest was first announced back in October and only ran for a few weeks. However, the designs that were created in that short amount of time were pretty fantastic. Now, a grand prize winner and four finalists have been chosen. You can get all five designs right now by ordering online - just make sure to use the code HT20 at checkout to score 20% off. The shirts are expected to launch in Hot Topic brick-and-mortar stores sometime in mid-February.

Now, before you harshly judge the designs, you should know that they were chosen by a panel that included Rick and Morty creator and voice actor Justin Roiland along with Joe Enriquez (Men's Novelty Tee Buyer for Hot Topic), Brandon Lively (Adult Swim Creative Director), and Elyse Salazar (Adult Swim Associate Designer). You can find each shirt online via the following links in the order of their place in the contest results:

Grand Prize Winner: "Melted Reality" design by Matthew Kuniholm
2nd Place: Multiverse Select" design by Grilled Bacon (David Cano)
3rd Place: "Mega Seeds" design by Daniel Mackey
Finalist: "Da Vinci Pickle Rick" design by Matheuss Berant
Finalist: "Portal Loop" design by Fillermate - also available in a girl's raglan

We should point out that the Pickle Rick design appears to be selling out of sizes the fastest. We're not sure if this is based on stock levels or pure popularity, but we wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter. Da Vinci Pickle Rick may not have won the Hot Topic contest, but Pickle Rick always wins the hearts of Rick and Morty fans.

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