Riverdale Recap With Spoilers: Thanksgiving Gets Weird in "The Ice Storm"

Most of us are still a week away from our Thanksgiving celebrations, as we and our friends and [...]

Most of us are still a week away from our Thanksgiving celebrations, as we and our friends and family gather for food and quality time. The holiday has already come for the world of Riverdale -- and it's just as out-of-the-box as you'd probably expect. This week's Thanksgiving-themed episode had fight scenes, new revelations, and a pretty heaping helping of plot twists. Here's everything that happened in this week's episode, "Chapter Sixty-Four: The Ice Storm".


Archie places flowers on Fred's grave. Later, Archie and Monroe announce that they're holding a Thanksgiving feast at the community center. Meanwhile, Dodger's family watches over him in the ICU, and one of them blames Archie for putting him there.

Hiram runs unopposed for mayor of Riverdale and wins. He celebrates with Hermosa and Hermione. Veronica refuses to go to that - or to dinner with Hiram - which leads to him threatening the community center. Veronica caters a huge amount of food for the community center, but Hiram tells FP to shut it down. FP suggests that they defy Hiram and keep it open anyway. Veronica returns home and confronts Hiram, trashing the Thanksgiving dinner they ordered.

Archie and Mary prepare to keep the dinner going at the community center. Mary begins to cry about how much she misses Fred, and they embrace. Archie and Veronica later hold Thanksgiving, and Archie remarks that Fred's death doesn't feel real yet. Dodger's family arrives, and are shocked to see that Archie is just a kid. Archie learns that they're Dodger's family and confronts them about it, and they brandish a gun. One of the kids tries to take the gun, and Archie ultimately gets punched in the face. The mom points the gun at Archie, but he continues to deny hurting Dodger. One by one, the kids try to claim that they hurt Dodger, but the mom doesn't believe them. She prepares to shoot Archie, but everyone begins to scatter when the deep-frier cooking their turkey explodes. A fight ensues and Mary gets the gun, convincing the family to leave.

The community center prepares to eat dinner, and Archie follows Fred's tradition by saying grace. The next day, Mary talks to Archie about Thanksgiving, and argues that the deep fryer exploding was Fred watching over them. Archie agrees, and then decides to officially dedicate the community center to Fred.

Meanwhile, Jughead approaches DuPont after class, and asks why Chipping committed suicide. DuPont blames it on alcoholism, but Jughead finds it suspicious. DuPont tells Jughead to forget about the conspiracy surrounding his grandfather. Betty packs to spend the Thanksgiving weekend at Stonewall. Brett overhears Jughead talking to Betty about it on the phone. Betty arrives and they begin to hook up. Jughead suspects that DuPont blackmailed Chipping into killing himself -- and that both of them belonged to one of Stonewall's darkest secret societies. While Jughead speculates about this, Betty notices that it's getting colder in their room.

Jughead goes to get food from the vending machine across the hall, and finds Brett and Donna dressed in all black and wearing bunny masks. Betty accidentally concusses Brett. Betty reluctantly volunteers to stitch Brett up, and once she's done, a note that looks like Chipping's suicide note falls out of Brett's pocket. Brett tells Jughead that it was an unofficial exercise, which Betty and Jughead immediately grow suspicious of. Jughead and Betty lead a game of "Never Have I Ever", which Betty uses as a cover to sneak into Donna's room. She finds Chipping's pin and immediately shows it to Jughead. Jughead confronts Brett and Donna about covering up Chipping's murder, and Donna grows upset. Donna admits to Betty that Chipping gave her the pin because they were having an affair. Betty later suspects that Donna might not have been telling the truth. She and Jughead begin to hook up -- unaware that a video camera is recording them.

The next day, Jughead prepares to talk to the headmaster, but finds Donna already admitting the truth about the affair. Meanwhile, Betty prepares a murder board connected to Stonewall Prep.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • FP is upset that Hiram has control over his job, and vents about as much to Alice. She supports him, and they begin to hook up. While at Pop's, FP and Alice run into Hiram and Hermione, and Alice offers that they all sit together. They muse about how good of a father Fred was and decide to go downstairs to the speakeasy to toast him. Hiram applauds FP for following his orders with the community center, and FP gets upset. The two of them begin fighting, and FP nearly stabs Hiram with an alcohol bottle. Later, FP continues to be upset about Hiram, and Alice suggests that he follow his example and be both the sheriff and a gang leader.
  • FP later goes to Dodger's hospital room, and finds that it's empty.
  • Cheryl suggests that they dump her uncle Bedford's body in Sweetwater River before the ice storm. Toni clearly is traumatized by the fact that she accidentally killed Bedford. Toni later discovers that Aunt Cricket is spying on them, and Cheryl suggests that they scare her off with a gross Thanksgiving dinner. Cricket and cousin Fester arrive for dinner. They begin to eat meat pies, and Cheryl gets Nana Rose to tell the story about the first Blossom Thanksgiving, where they got snowed in to the point of becoming cannibals. Cheryl then leads Cricket and Fester to believe that the meat pies they're eating are made of Bedford, which ultimately convinces them to leave her and Toni alone.

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