SNL: Michael B. Jordan Is the Next Jake From State Farm

Michael B. Jordan just made his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live and appeared in one of the funniest sketches of the season. In a pre-recorded bit, Jordan stepped into the role of Jake From State Farm after Mikey Day's character started searching for a new insurance policy. This version of Jake got the insurance sorted out and then some.

Jordan's fictional insurance broker then slowly integrated himself into the family, even taking Heidi Gardner's character to church and out to dates. Suffice to say, the internet loved every second of the bit.

"He's Jake 'take yo girl' from State Farm," one tweeter said.

Another added, "This Jake from State Farm skit is life."

Is the SNL cast on strike?

Earlier this week, the editors behind SNL's pre-recorded sketch segments authorized a strike if NBCU opted not to honor the group's desire to form a union. In total, around 20 editors are a part of the group. Shortly after the strike was authorized, officials with the network reached out though it's not clear if a deal has been reached yet.

"The film workers at SNL last year made it clear they want a union, and management acknowledged their wishes," Cathy Repola, national director of Motion Picture Editors Guild told Deadline. "Therefore, it's very disappointing that despite the Guild's best efforts, there is still no framework for a contract in place. We remain committed to getting a contract in place as soon as possible and leave all options on the table to achieve that goal."

NBCU reportedly reached out earlier this month, though officials with the MPEG found the network's initial offer "unacceptable."

How to watch Saturday Night Live

Throughout the remainder of Season 48, currently expected to run through May, NBC is simulcasting new episodes live on both NBC and Peacock. Peacock also serves as the streaming vault for all SNL episodes from its inception, with new episodes being added the day after they air.

Virtually every SNL episode, other than the select few locked away for good because of a variety of reasons, is now available to watch on the streaming service.