Frank Oz Speaks Out on 'Sesame Street' Grover F-Bomb Debate

Given the inherent strangeness of the Internet and the people who use it, we shouldn't be surprised that some people are insisting a puppet dropped an F-bomb during a children's program.

The debate over Grover saying "f**k" on an episode of Sesame Street is the new Yanny vs. Laurel, blue dress vs. black dress. And while it's all in good fun, master puppeteer Frank Oz isn't having any part in it.

Oz was asked about the strange phenomenon and immediately dismissed it, and instead defended the sanctity of the Sesame Street characters and the Muppets, as well as the craft of bringing these puppets to life.

Oz then even took his Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill to task after a joke in which the actor referred to the character as "Gangsta Grover."

Of course, it's unlikely that the people engaging in this discussion are intending to disrespect Sesame Street or the talented people who make it happen. It's just a bit of fun surrounding the latest meme to hit the Internet.


But it does go to show how seriously Oz takes his duties, and how maybe he's not the right person to ask about Muppets cussing if you're looking for a humorous, light-hearted response. We failed to read the room on that one.

Read on to see more of Frank Oz's reactions to the Grover F-bomb, and then feel bad about yourself for twisting the purity of Sesame Street.