Solar Opposites Has a Halloween Special Coming This Fall

Late last year, to bridge the gap between its second and third seasons, Solar Opposites released a ridiculous holiday special that fans absolutely adored. That trend will continue in 2022, as Solar Opposites has another special episode on the way, only this year's edition will be exploring a much different holiday. This fall, Solar Opposites is returning to Hulu for a Halloween special, and it promises to be every bit as wild as the Jingle All the Way-themed Christmas adventure we saw in 2021. caught up with series co-creator Mike McMahan and executive producer Josh Bycel to talk about the recently released third season, and they confirmed that there would definitely be a Halloween special this fall.

"We have Halloween coming up," Bycel responded when asked about another potential special. McMahan added, "October, Halloween. We're going to show a little bit of it at Comic-Con."

The producing duo went on to offer just a small taste of what's in store for the upcoming Halloween special. Bycel revealed that the episode would "bring back an iconic Halloween-esque character." McMahan went on to say that it will have a lot in common with last year's holiday episode.

"If you liked the tone of the Christmas special, the Halloween special is just as stupid," McMahan told us. "In a good way."

The Christmas special in 2021 was a riff on the Arnold Schwarzenegger holiday movie Jingle All the Way. Solar Opposites is known for its deep cut, obscure movie references, but the Jingle All the Way episode was a unique circumstance. McMahan wrote the entire episode without ever actually seeing Jingle All the Way.

"I sat down and wrote that episode in one sitting and I've never seen Jingle All The Way," McMahan explained. "I was like, this is what I think Jingle All The Way is about. So I watched the trailer, I've seen the trailer for Jingle All The Way, but I was like, 'We're going to do a Jingle All The Way, Christmas parody, but I'm not going to watch it.' And the writer's assistant who had seen Jingle All The Way, kept being like, 'This doesn't happen in Jingle All The Way.' And I'm like, 'I don't care. This is funny.'"