Star Wars: The Mandalorian Star Casts Doubt on Returning to Franchise

The sprawling nature of the Star Wars franchise often results in characters returning in unexpected ways, but The Mandalorian star Clancy Brown recently shared that he doubts he'd return to the series, if only because he has yet to hear any updates about that possibility. Brown is no stranger to the galaxy far, far away, having voiced a number of different characters in various storylines, but he made his live-action debut as the bounty hunter Burg in the series' debut season. Given that his character was abandoned on a prison and seemingly left for dead, it likely won't come as much of a surprise that we shouldn't expect to see him in the new season.

When asked by The People's Movies about if he would be returning to the franchise, Brown joked, "Nobody has talked to me so probably not."

The stars of the Star Wars series often play coy about what the future could hold for them in the franchise, though they more often attempt to deflect questions and avoid confirming or denying anything about their involvement. Brown's comments seem relatively direct about the subject, but while there might not currently be talks about his return, the number of projects he's been involved with and the success of The Mandalorian means it would be tough to rule out such a return entirely.

The episode in which Brown appeared saw him and a number of other bounty hunters teaming up with the titular character to spring a prison break, only for those characters to attempt to double-cross the Mandalorian, who was able to turn the tables on them and leave them for dead on the prison. Despite that helpless fate, the nature of spinoffs and sequels and prequels to various entries into the Star Wars canon makes it hard to rule out any character truly being gone for good from the franchise.

Lending credence to the idea that Brown won't be returning is that his co-star in that episode, Bill Burr, revealed earlier this year that he wasn't returning to the series anytime soon.

When asked by Vulture earlier this year about a potential return to the story, the actor confirmed, "No, none of that. Once these two things [King of Staten Island and F Is for Family] come out on the same day, the well is dry. I got nothing. So we shall see."


The new season of The Mandalorian debuts on Disney+ on October 30th.

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