How The Mandalorian Sets up a Boba Fett Spinoff Series

Star Wars: The Mandalorian has been making some significant changes to the canon of the galaxy far far away, with each new episode adding some major connections or Easter eggs for stories across the story. The most recent episode of the series is definitely no exception, with an episode that provided the official return of a major character from the original trilogy. Spoilers for Chapter 14 of The Mandalorian, "The Tragedy", below! Only look if you want to know! The episode saw the return of Boba Fett (Temura Morrison), who had been ominously teased in the Season 2 premiere. Now that Boba Fett was officially brought back into the Star Wars universe - and revealed more details surrounding his journey in the process - it might have perfectly teed up a long-rumored Disney+ prequel series surrounding him.

The episode featured Boba Fett crossing paths with Din Djarin/The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) on the planet Tython, as the latter character tried to help Grogu/Baby Yoda reconnect with other Jedi. The two men's partnership had some hurdles along the way, particularly as Din refused to believe that Boba was actually a Mandalorian, because he was unable to confirm that he followed the Mandalorian creed. Over the course of the ensuing fight against Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) and his Dark Troopers, Boba proved his identity to Din - both with his fighting acumen and with the chain code hidden within his armor. The episode also provided a lot more context surrounding Boba's return in the series - he had (seemingly) remained on Tatooine in the years following being thrown into the Sarlacc pit in Return of the Jedi, he lost his armor to a group of Jawas, and he somehow held onto his Slave I ship and an ever-growing roster of tools and armor along the way. Plus, he came to cross paths with the sharpshooter Fennec Shand (Ming Na Wen), saving her after she was left for dead on Tatooine in The Mandalorian Season 1.

How exactly did Boba Fett's status quo change that significantly? How did he come into these new arrays of tools and approaches to fighting in the galaxy? At the moment, there's really no indication -- which only makes a Boba Fett spinoff series all the more warranted. Since it's been billed as a prequel to The Mandalorian, the series could follow any stretch of time between 3 ABY and 9 ABY, chronicling what exactly happened to Boba in that stretch of time. Not only would the series be able to answer all the questions of how he was able to return in such full form in The Mandalorian, but it could reveal more sides to Boba as a character that fans have only gotten to see glimpses of. Plus, it could help tidy up a lot of elements of the Star Wars canon regarding Boba and the Fett family along the way, either through forging new ground or through canonizing pieces from the Legends continuity.

Do you hope Star Wars' Boba Fett prequel series becomes a reality? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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