Stranger Things Season 4 Rotten Tomatoes Score Is Out

Stranger Things Season 4's Rotten Tomatoes score is now out, and it stands at a "fresh" 91%, with over twenty reviews initially submitted (at the time of writing this). While it seems that Stranger Things has suffered a few growing pains (along with its cast, who have all visibly sprouted into adulthood), the core mystery/horror/geeky goodness of the show still seems to be intact. That's good news for all the fans who have had to literally wait years to get Stranger Things 4, and are ready to make Memorial Day Weekend all about that classic Netflix binge!

 In our official Stranger Things Season 4 review, had the following to say: 

Netflix's Stranger Things marks the rare instance in which a property dominates not only the pop-culture conversation but also earns high marks from critics. Now that nearly three years have passed since the last batch of episodes was unveiled and fan interest continues to mount, there's a lot riding on how audiences will respond to the latest season... Watching the first seven episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 feels a lot like catching up with old friends, including all the forced small talk and awkward exchanges before the dynamic falls into its familiar groove, for better or worse, while still pushing itself to be bigger, badder, and better.

EW says that it took a minute to find the love of Stranger Things again, but Season 4 definitely gets you there: 

Season three of Stranger Things was an improvement over the draggy season 2. (I'll pause while those of you who disagree yell at your screens.) Still, the fun felt a little faded, and Hopper's left-turn into toxic masculinity didn't help. So, when season 4 volume 1 – seven episodes, all but one over 70 minutes long – dropped in my Netflix press account, I'll admit that excitement was not my first emotion.

What a pleasure it is to be wrong. Fresh locales, appealing new characters, and a rewarding expansion of the mythology give the new season of Stranger Things a jolt of joyful energy, just when the series needed it most.

Polygon went the other way, not really being able to find the magic of Stranger Things again in some dwindling returns: 

The first season of Stranger Things – which leaned on the Dungeons & Dragons of it all more so than the following two – exemplified a good, balanced party. The core group of kids played off each other neatly (and their official in-game character sheets certainly highlighted a nicely calibrated party). And no matter how you split up the characters, there was some great chemistry and wonderful character moments. But each successive season of Stranger Things has moved away from the D&D aspect – and also away from that ideal party.

While the Duffer brothers bring back Dungeons & Dragons in Stranger Things 4, the group dynamics are weaker than ever. Even if the terror comes in full swing, the charm of the characters is completely sucked away, replaced by connections that just don't work well together but are being forced to somehow.

Stranger Things Season 4 premieres on Netflix on Friday.