Supernatural Final 7 Episodes Premiere And Finale Air Dates Announced

Supernatural's final seven-episode arc will begin on Thursday, October 8th , with the series [...]

Supernatural's final seven-episode arc will begin on Thursday, October 8th , with the series finale airing on Thursday, November 19th. The show will occupy the 9pm ET/PT timeslot fans are used to. In addition, before the finale episode airs, there will be the Hour-long retrospective, Supernatural: The Long Way Home airing in the 8pm time slot. The CW made the official announcement of Supernarutal's final run today, as part of the network's reveal of the revised fall schedule, in light of the coronavirus pandemic that shut down many big TV productions (like Supernatural) that were in progress.

While the coronavirus pandemic has kept Hollywood productions at a standstill, the cast and crew of Supernatural have been finding ways to keep fans entertained. Recently, series star Jensen Ackles shared a poignant final moment of the main cast members standing together on set:

"Unfortunately, this is the last pic I have of all of us on set together. Our faces say it all. The uncertainty, the emotion, the fear of not knowing how it will all go or more importantly, how @jaredpadalecki will handle a birthday without us. You'll be just fine, buck-o. We'll be back in that beautiful car to celebrate soon enough. (Hopefully). Happy Birthday, brother. See ya soon. #spnfamily"

Ackles also commented on the delay in finishing production on Supernatural 15, telling fans: ""Essentially, we just pressed a giant pause button. We were one day into our second to last episode, and we were so close. I just keep chalking it up, we were 15 years in and it's the show that will never end."

Indeed, Supernatural has had an epic run over the course of 15 seasons - avoiding some major moments of potential cancellation along the way. The cast (particularly Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) are a big reason for the show's longevity, as they embraced and serviced the wishes of their fandom like few other series. Once Supernatural is done, Ackles will be moving on to The Boys season 3, while Padalecki will be starring in Walker, the Walker Texas Ranger reboot.

Supernatural returns on October 8th.