Supernatural Creator Addresses If He'll Be a Part of the Final Season

Supernatural has become a part of pop culture history and for good reason. After more than a [...]

Supernatural has become a part of pop culture history and for good reason. After more than a decade, the long-running series is one of the most successful titles to air on The CW, but all good things must come to an end. This year, the final season of Supernatural will air, and fans have some big requests for the outing.

But as it turns out, there may be some hurdles in bringing back the show's creator for this final season.

Recently, TV Line answered a slew of fan-questions about the fall TV slate, and it was there someone asked if Erik Kripke might return to Supernatural for season 15. Apparently, there are some things tying the creator up, but Kripke admits he would like to touch base with the series before it bows out.

"I haven't had any conversations yet," Kripke admitted.

"I will certainly talk to [showrunners] Bob Singer and Andrew Dabb when they're closer [to the end]."

According to TV Line, there is a tricky legal hurdle in Kripke's way. The creator has penned a deal with Sony TV which is an exclusive. This means it would be hard for Kripke to jump over to a show on The CW even if for a bit, and Kripke says he understands the position of both Sony and The CW when it comes to his possible return.

"You're at two warring houses, so I'm not sure if they'll let me go over there," he explained. "But I would love to talk to them about the finale. … Just from hearing from the fans, I at least want to have a couple of conversations with those guys and make sure that we send Sam and Dean off into the sunset in a way that makes everybody happy."

As for the show's cast, the stars of Supernatural have said they've got their own ideas for how Supernatural will come to an end. During a recent interview, Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) said he wanted the show to go out on a high point and see the Winchester Brothers get a happy ending with no strings attached.

"The conversation's been going on about when, when is the time? I think he and I always wanted to never see the show fizzle, never run out of gas. We wanted to go out strong, we wanted to go out while we were still able to give the quality of product that we've been giving for the last 15 years," the actor said to start.

"I think whatever it is, it's got to be the brothers together. That's been the core of this show since the beginning. I think it's really what the fans want to see. I think regardless of who comes knockin', I think whatever is done it's about these two brothers and their journey. I think that's really where the heart of the show should reside."

For now, there is no word on how this final season will go down, but fans are hoping Ackles and Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) will get all they ask for. And if they are real lucky, Kripke's name might appear in the end credits one more time.

So, what would you like to see from this final season of Supernatural? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

Supernatural's final season premieres on Thursday, October 10th at 8pm on The CW.