'Supernatural: Wayward Sisters' Extended Trailer Released

The CW has released an extended trailer for Supernatural's season 13 mid-season premiere, 'Wayward [...]

The CW has released an extended trailer for Supernatural's season 13 mid-season premiere, "Wayward Sisters."

The episode, which sees Claire Novak (Kathryn Love Newton), Jody (Kim Rhodes), Alex (Kathleen Ramdeen), Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip), Donna (Briana Buckmaster) and Patience (Clark Backo) attempt to save hunter brothers Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) from the Bad Place, serves as a back-door pilot for planned spinoff The Wayward Sisters.

The cast was unveiled during Supernatural's San Diego Comic Con panel last summer, and EW debuted a first-look at the group in December.

"Centered on the character of Sheriff Jody Mills and a group of troubled young women — all orphaned by supernatural tragedy — these 'wayward sisters' emerge as a formidable force against the supernatural, under Mills's training and protection," reads the series' official description.

Jody, a trusted friend and ally of the Winchester brothers, will help prepare her foster children for the paranormal battles ahead, with support from close friend and hunting novice Donna.

Jody's foster daughter and gifted hunter Claire, who has been operating solo, returns home where she struggles against Jody's rules.

She'll team with Jody's foster daughters Alex and Patience, who both have supernatural ties of their own: Sam and Dean once rescued Alex from a group of vampires, and over-achieving student Patience inherited psychic powers from her estranged grandmother Missouri Moseley, who appeared in Supernatural's debut season.

CW President Mark Pedowitz said the upcoming episode, serving as a springboard for a show starring the Wayward Sisters, is strong — but it will be up to the fans to determine if the "pilot" makes it to series.

Fans have already expressed major interest in the proposed spinoff, but Pedowitz wants to ensure the show doesn't go the way of Supernatural: Bloodlines, a proposed Chicago-set spinoff that wasn't ordered to series.

"[Bloodlines] did not work at all, this one has an opportunity to work," Pedowitz said. "Nothing is perfect but the real question is whether fans will go watch it if the boys aren't in it."

13x10, "Wayward Sisters," airs Thursday, January 18 at 8/7c on The CW.