The Batman Director Reveals How the Movie Connects to Gotham PD TV Series

Thanks to DC FanDome and Matt Reeves, we all finally got our first look at The Batman on Saturday [...]

Thanks to DC FanDome and Matt Reeves, we all finally got our first look at The Batman on Saturday night. Fans around the world seem to love the vibe that Reeves is going for with his iteration of Gotham City, which is certainly a good sign, given that Warner Bros. has already doubled down on his concept. In addition to The Batman, Reeves is going to be bringing this Gotham City to the small screen with a TV series for HBO Max, following the corruption of the G.C.P.D. Not only will this project tie into The Batman, but the two will be directly connected, even utilizing some of the same characters.

"I mean, for me, the idea of the story was a story in which Gotham has that sort of depth of corruption, and then the idea that we could actually do a series that is going deeper into an aspect of it, which in this case is the corrupt police department and the inner workings of the city," Reeves explained during FanDome. "And the way we're going to do the series which is — I mean, Terence Winter is just like an incredible writer. So the idea that we got him to do this just is literally a dream. And the idea is we go back to Year One, and Year One is the beginning of the emergence and is the first appearance of this masked vigilante that starts to unsettle the city, and you start to see the story through the point of view of these corrupt cops and one in particular, and the story is actually a battle for his soul.

"He's an over-generalization and the history of corruption in Gotham is enormous and goes back many years as the story. It's like as you realize that there's this myth building in the background, you're actually in a new place where you've never seen these characters before, some of which we'll touch on what you may have seen from the comics, but others totally go down an avenue and go into detail that you couldn't do in a movie and to go into these sort of rich places and meet entirely new characters that Terrence is going to be writing and I'm incredibly excited."

Unfortunately, at this point, there's no telling which characters will appear in the TV show. Whatever happens in The Batman will probably paint a much clearer picture for what's to come in that franchise.

What we do know, however, is that there is much more than just a couple movies' worth of stories to tell with this new take on the G.C.P.D.

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