The Boys Star Jokes About Being Banned from Aquariums After Octopus Sex Scene

The Herogasm episode of The Boys Season 3 left watchers stumbling for the right words to describe the chaos that unfolded. Just as shocking as Prime Video and series creator Eric Kripke teased, the episode featured superheroes in all kinds of sexual endeavors — including a wildly bizarre moment where The Deep (Chace Crawford) is caught having sex with an octopus.

It's that same moment Crawford thinks will ultimately get him banned from aquariums around the country.

"Now I can't go into aquarium anymore without just hearing so many of the cries," Crawford jokes with "I mean, I can see why they'd want to ban me."

Crawford's saving grace is the fact Kripke found out someone can't actually have sex with an octopus.

"Kripke told me that the scientific thing in play here, like the octopus...this is so absurd...," the actor adds. "It's like a beak. It's not a real... You can't actually do it, so that's what would be my sales pitch to get back into the aquarium."

During the scene, Crawford says they used an octopus plushie on set as a reference. When he ate another octopus earlier in the season, The Deep's best friend Timothy, there was no reference, however.

"Yeah, it was a 40 pound animatronic death machine," Crawford continues with a laugh. "There was one they hung around my neck. Well, one of them was pretty intense and then eating Timothy was just a few different easy setups. And then I keep saying, there was a couple people just kind of sitting down below me and they stuck four pieces of scotch tape to my face."

The first six episodes of The Boys Season 3 are now streaming on Prime Video. New episodes are scheduled for release every Friday.

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