The Boys' Karl Urban Talks Billy's Struggle With Rebecca's Superpowered Son

The first season of Amazon Prime's The Boys ended on a cliffhanger that even readers of the comic [...]

The first season of Amazon Prime's The Boys ended on a cliffhanger that even readers of the comic didn't see coming. Not only is Billy Butcher's wife still alive, but she has a son, and his dad is none other than The Homelander. Naturally the second season will explore this in detail but don't think that just because she's Becca's son that Billy will suddenly develop a nice side and start taking the youngster out to baseball games. Speaking in a new interview with, Karl Urban opened up about this topic and delivered a proper Billy Butcher-esque answer.

"Well Without giving too much away, you have to know that Billy Butcher has a very clear, specific view of supes," Urban said. "And he does not like them and his wife's son is a supe, so that prejudice is part of the fabric of the character and it's not one that is easily brushed aside in any circumstance and particularly not this one."

We followed up by asking Urban how this revelation at the end of the first season might effect his feelings for Homelander in the new episodes, naturally it's not in the positive side of things.

"There's a definite evolution for Billy Butcher when it comes to the lens in which he views Homelander through and it certainly doesn't endear Homelander to him in any way, shape or form," he added. "But Butcher's main focus and priority right now is to get his wife back and Homelander is on the back burner for now. So it's a sort of deep and interesting journey, that Butcher is forced to go on this season in trying to get his wife back, he's forced to come face to face with some of the darkest aspects of his humanity and we, as an audience come to understand, that he was a pretty sick puppy well before he met Becca and he was always just, one train ride away from an absolute wreck."

The Boys will return for season 2 with new episodes on September 4. The first three episodes will debut on that date with five weekly episodes following in the subsequent weeks. Ahead of the show's return Amazon Prime Video announced that they've renewed The Boys for a third season. Another hero has already been added to the cast as well with Supernatural's Jensen Ackles set to play a new supe character named Soldier Boy, a bumbling cowardly version of what Captain America was supposed to be.