The Boys: Amazon Users Review Bombing Season 2 Because of Release Schedule

Earlier in the week, reviews for the second season of The Boys were released and praise was found [...]

Earlier in the week, reviews for the second season of The Boys were released and praise was found far and wide. In fact, it was but a matter of days before the latest batch of episodes was Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a near-perfect 97-percent Fresh rating. Now, the second season is being "review bombed," for lack of a better term, by bingers who consider themselves fans of the show.

See, the first season of the series all dropped at once, allowing those to speed through at their own pace. Season Two, on the other hand, is being released weekly. After Amazon Prime dropped the first three episodes on Friday, the platform decided to release the remaining five episodes on a weekly basis beginning September 11th — and fans aren't having it. Despite the near-perfect rating (from fans and critics alike) on other services, the Amazon rating for the second season hovers around a 2.5-star rating.

In fact, 49-percent of the 1,400-plus reviews submitted for the show are one-star ratings; nearly all have to do with the same thing: Amazon not releasing the second season all at once.

"NO FULL SEASON AVAILABLE?!?!?!?! I give up, where is my Netflix!" one of the reviews reads. Another one-star review says, "What a shame, I was looking forward in watching I'll just skip it and wait for it to be cancelled, then I can watch them all without any interruptions."

And that's only the tip of the iceberg. "Garbage," one disgruntled reviewer writes. Another flat out says their one star rating is only for the staggered release.

Amazon reviewer JeremiahZero writes, "Appointment television in this day and age is both gauche and a tad thirsty, and I am not nearly enough invested in this show to bother to come back every week. Have fun regressing. Maybe I'll remember this series exists when the marketing push for season 3 hits peak frenzy."

Luckily enough for Mr. Zero, Amazon has already ordered a third season of the Eric Kripke-led series.

The first three episodes of The Boys Season Two are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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