The Boys Star Laz Alonso Opens Up About THAT "Love Sausage" Scene

The latest episode of The Boys introduced a beloved member from the comics mythos, one with a [...]

The latest episode of The Boys introduced a beloved member from the comics mythos, one with a superpower most certainly not safe for work. The character arrives in a scene that's sure to go down in history as one of the most bizarre bits to ever drop in a television show — and it all involves Laz Alonso's Mother's Milk.

Full disclosure: major (and NSFW) spoilers up ahead! Proceed with caution if you have yet to see "The Bloody Doors Off," the latest episode of The Boys Season Two.

The scene in question introduces Love Sausage to the Vought Cinematic Universe, a character who has the ability to — ahem — grow his genitals to any length he so desires. In the Amazon series, Love Sausage is a character that resides in a facility where its inhabitants are forced to undergo tests with Compound V in an effort to grow the powered population. We see Love Sausage's powers in full display after "it" slides through a door at the compound and begins choking Mother's Milk.

"So, the whole penis around the neck thing," Alonso told EW of his process in prepping for the show. "I read the first script. Usually when the scripts come out, I'll just read the first version and then I'll put it away because I like to be super, hyper focused on the episode we're working on now. They usually give us the script for the next episode midway through the episode we're working on. So, it can be a distraction if you focus on that. I read it just to know where my character is going and then I discard it."

Alonso adds that the moment wasn't initially in the script and as word of the moment began to float around set, the actor thought it was nothing more than a practical joke from his castmates. "There is no penis around the neck!" Alonso added. "So, we always tease each other, and always on set playing the dozens and cracking jokes. And one day in the makeup trailer, Karl [Urban] is like, 'You ready for that penis that's going around your neck?' And I'm like, 'Ain't no way in the world there is a penis being wrapped around my neck.'"

The star concluded by dropping a massive conspiracy bombshell — it was Urban's choice to make him go through with the scene. "I let my curiosity get the best of me and when I see that [in the new script], I'm like, 'Oh my God. Karl is definitely behind this.' I am almost positive to this day he just pitched that idea to Kripke and Kripke with his sick sense of humor was like, 'It's great! Let's do it!'"

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