The Boys Finally Brings a Hilarious Supe from the Comics to the Series

Potential spoilers ahead for Episode 2.06 of The Boys, now streaming on Amazon!

The latest episode of The Boys took things into a direction that seemed like a parody of the recently released The New Mutants. Though seemingly unintentional (since that movie has been delayed quite a few times), it also offered the series an opportunity to bring one of the most hilarious characters from the Garth Ennis comic books into live-action. We speak of course of none other than Vasilii Vorishikin aka the Russian supe Love Sausage. In the pages of the comic series he's a former member of the Soviet Union group Glorious Five Year Plan, with super human endurance and strength as his primary power. His most noticeable feature in the comics became his full ability in the TV series however.

In the episode, most of The Boys infiltrate a Vought facility called the "Sage Grove Center," a place that they at first assume is home to more supe terrorists but quickly realize it's the place that Vought stores their supe rejects. That means anyone who reacts poorly to Compound V or can't handle their new found abilities. One of these is Love Sausage, played in the series by actor Andrew Jackson (Criminal Minds, Reign), whose super power becomes clear after his penis extends like a monstrous tentacle into the room and grabs Mother's Milk by the throat. That it was this specific piece of anatomy only becomes clear after Kimiko subdues him, but it's still a shock, and it was to actor Laz Alonso on set.

"We always tease each other, and always on set playing the dozens and cracking jokes," Alonso told Entertainment Weekly in a new interview. "And one day in the makeup trailer, Karl [Urban] is like, 'You ready for that penis that’s going around your neck?' And I’m like, 'Ain’t no way in the world there is a penis being wrapped around my neck.'"

Series showrunner Eric Kripke opened up to the outlet about how they decided on including the character in the series, revealing that it came along later in the development of the script for the episode.

"We had a couple of the drafts written, but then we sometimes reach a point, as we did in this one, where we said, 'You know what? It's just not crazy enough. We're missing that moment that makes people say holy sh—," Kripke said. He revealed they decided "something insane" needed to happen at Sage Grove and the idea came to them. "Love Sausage! Love Sausage could be one of the patients!" Kripke reveals he said. "And then his penis can be his power!"


Considering the state that Love Sausage is left it seems unlikely that he'll pop back up later in the series and more as a one-off gag for comic readers. A major difference in comic Love Sausage and TV Love Sausage is the familiarity between he and The Boys, as he's old friends with Billy Butcher and his team mates in the comics, but doesn't seem to know them here.

Two episodes remain in The Boys season two and will arrive over the next two Fridays on the streaming service.