The Boys Star Karl Urban Reveals the "Most Frustrating Day" on Set of Season Two

Full spoilers for The Boys season two below! Amazon Prime Video's The Boys has a lot going on in [...]

Full spoilers for The Boys season two below! Amazon Prime Video's The Boys has a lot going on in any given episode, but the season two finale frankly has the most. The episode sees the conclusion of multiple storylines, a huge all-girl ass kicking resulting in the mutilation of one character, and then later the death of another. For star Karl Urban, filming on the finale had what he calls "the most frustrating days" for the season but not for the reason you might think. As he reveals in his talk with The Playlist, Urban and his co-star Shantel VanSanten were filming her death sequence in the first part of the day but had to put those intense emotions on pause while another scene was shot.

"To be perfectly honest, that was probably one of the most frustrating days on season two of The Boys, because we shot some of that sequence in the morning," Urban said. "And then we had to stop shooting the beats between Butcher and Becca, and they went to shoot Homeland and Stormfront because [Aya Cash] was in this prosthetic costume, and she's been in the makeup chair for five hours, and with all respect to her comfort and sanity, the priority is to get her in and out of that as quickly as possible. And that makeup has a shelf life."

He continued, "So we had to actually shelve the Becca Butcher death scene. And when we finally came back to it, it was the end of the day, we weren't losing the light and we had two takes. But that is one of those instances where you need to bring your A-game. You've got two shots to get it. And again, I'm just incredibly grateful that I had a scene partner of such a high caliber in Shantel because we got the performance we needed in a very limited amount of time."

As readers of the Garth Ennis comic series will recall, Becca Butcher was already dead by the beginning of that story so her being alive throughout the first two seasons of the show was a major change for the show. Now that she's gone on the show too though it's putting Urban's character into the same headspace as the one that readers know from the source material. The actor went on to tease what he knows about the third season, revealing he's read half of it.

"I've read about four scripts. So I have a pretty good idea of where things are going, but the second half of the season I haven't seen yet. And at this point and time, I haven't spoken to Eric about the season and where it's going, but that conversation is going to be happening imminently."

Both seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Amazon Prime with production on the third season scheduled to begin in the first part of 2021.