The Boys Star Teases Heroic Turn in Season 3

All of the characters on The Boys reached a turning point in the final episode of Season 2, which was released on Amazon Prime Video earlier this month. Many of the supes have joined the line of thinking behind the Boys and want to put an end to Homelander's reign of terror. Starlight, Hughie, Kimiko, and the rest of the crew really faced an uphill battle in trying to take down Homelander, one that they likely couldn't ever win. But the tide took a turn for the better when Queen Maeve showed up to assist them in taking out Stormfront. Jaded as she's become, could Queen Maeve finally be on the verge of becoming an actual hero again, and not just the victim of a corporate agenda?

There were signs of life for Maeve at the end of Season 2, and that will likely be explored in Season 3. EW recently sat down with Dominique McElligott, who stars as Maeve on The Boys, and talked about the potential heroic future in store for the character.

"Well, isn't that the crux of it? That's everything for Maeve," McElligott said. "As an actor playing Maeve, that's the core little thing that I feel when I'm doing a scene. Is she utterly hopeless? And that shred of hope, it's like Pandora's box, where everything's flying out and hope is left. To me, everything about Maeve and what she does, and what she says, is so raw and so on the nose that it can be very much perceived as distasteful. But that's what I really love about her journey, is that it's a do-or-die situation. Is she going to find redemption? Is she going to not only survive but thrive (to sound really fricking cheesy)? But really just thrive in a sense of going forward, like is that possible for Maeve? Is it out there for Maeve? Is she that far gone? You don't know. We have to hope that there's maybe a happy ending for Maeve...If we haven't read the comic books. We're just going to pretend we haven't read the comic books."

Most of the world sees Maeve as a hero, but audiences know what really goes on at Vaught, making those who fight to end the company the real heroes of the story. There's still hope that Maeve will join that cause before the series comes to a close.


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