The Boys Showrunner Sets Up the Fallout of Butcher's Heartbreaking Reunion

Last Friday's episode of The Boys delivered a moment that Karl Urban's Billy Butcher had been [...]

Last Friday's episode of The Boys delivered a moment that Karl Urban's Billy Butcher had been hoping for for quite some time with an official reunion with his wife Becca. Their time together was short and sweet but in the end his love wouldn't take off and runaway with him despite his insistence. Not only was the scene shattering for everything Billy thought he knew about their relationship, but for most of what he knew about himself as his wife broke down the reason she didn't tell him about what happened between her and Homelander. Speaking in a new interview, series creator Eric Kripke said that this is an integral moment for Butcher in the season and will ripple out through the rest of the series.

"Part of the story this season is we're ripping away everything Butcher thought he knew, and he needs to build something else in its place," Kripke told TheWrap. "And what he thought was: 'This woman saved me, and then when she was taken away I've been on this just mission of vengeance to get payback for her.'"

He continued, "And it turns out she's not dead. She says, 'You imagined all of these times of me saving you. You put me on pedestal after I was gone. I became this somehow angel who saved you, when I'm a real woman who wants to get high and eat Cheetos and you put me in this impossible position. And your incredible amounts of rage have happened since you were a kid.'"

Episode 4 saw Becca leaving Butcher to return to her son and their Vought-and-paid for suburban life. Kripke went on to tease that this moment will result in Butcher not handling the revelations well, and that even more of his mysterious past will be explored in the remaining episodes of the season.

Following the debut of this week's episode of the series, The Boys season two will onyl have three episodes remaining. The season two finale will be released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, October 9. Luckily the series has already been renewed for a third season but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic it's unclear when it will be able to shoot. This delay could result in Jeffrey Dean Morgan's long teased casting not happening. A major addition to the series has already been confirmed for the next season with Supernatural star Jensen Ackles set to play the part of Soldier Boy.