Netflix Teases 'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' Announcement

As some are quick to joke, there is really no shortage of Netflix originals being released week by [...]

As some are quick to joke, there is really no shortage of Netflix originals being released week by week. But even then, it sounds like news about one of their most-anticipated projects could be on the way.

Netflix's NX account, which highlights the platform's genre-based shows, recently tweeted that Monday, December 17th, is the 36th anniversary of The Dark Crystal's debut. As the tweet vaguely points out, that seems "fortuitous".

While the tweet doesn't mention it outright, this certainly sounds like some sort of tease about The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, the upcoming Netflix prequel to the original film. Seeing as Age of Resistance doesn't currently have a release date, and has only released one teaser of behind-the-scenes footage, it sounds like fans just might receive more information on that anniversary.

For those who are unfamiliar, The Dark Crystal is a 1982 dark children's fantasy film. Widely considered to be a masterpiece, particularly for its use of puppetry, the movie features only animatronic characters and tells the story of the dying world Thra and its inhabitants. In the story, the titular Dark Crystal cracked thousands of years ago creating two races, the terrifying Skeksis -- who used what power the Dark Crystal had left to keep themselves alive -- and a kind, gentle group of wizards called the Mystics. With the brutal Skeksis poised to become immortal, Jen and Kira -- the last of the Gelfling race that once lived in peace in Thra before being massacred by the Skeksis -- must take the final shard of the crystal on a journey to repair the crystal before the fateful celestial event that would doom their world.

Age of Resistance is set to explore the world of Thra even more, and follow the journey of three Gelflings who try to save their world. While the series is set to have a specific place in the franchise's lore, it's taking some creative leaps, with Netflix even holding a design contest to bring new creatures into the series.

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