The Flash: Javicia Leslie Shares Her Favorite Reaction to Batwoman's Red Death Arc

The Flash's final season is nearing its end, and its batch of episodes have taken the lore of The CW's Arrowverse on an unexpected journey. One of the first nuggets tackled in The Flash's ninth season was a fight with Red Death, an evil Bat-themed speedster who has been teased in the Arrowverse in some form or fashion for several years now. As the arc of episodes revealed, Red Death was none other than an alternate-universe version of Ryan Wilder / Batwoman (Javicia Leslie), and fans were definitely surprised to see this new take on the Earth-Prime heroine. While speaking to about her role in the upcoming film Double Life, Leslie reflected on the experience of playing Red Death, and of having fans see this new side of her performance.

"I think people didn't know that I would be able to go there," Leslie explained. "You know what I mean? Especially fans of Batwoman, they've only seen such a tame, positive light when it comes to Ryan. And so to see me play in that world of evil and maniacal, I don't think that they expected that. I didn't expect it. I know when we were on set, the directors just kept saying, 'No, go.' I'm like, 'Keep going?' 'Yes, keep going, go further.' I'm like, 'Really?' They're like, 'Yes, unhinge, unhinge.' So to be able to play in that, I was scared sh-tless. But when it came out and I got to see it, I was like, 'Aw, this is fun.'"

What is Double Life about?

In Double Life, a grieving widow learns from her late husband's mistress that his death was no accident. The two women will form an unlikely alliance to uncover the truth behind his murder and unmask the man they both loved.

Double Life also stars Pascale Hutton, Vincent Gale, Nial Matter, Aaron Douglas, John Cassini, William MacDonald, Carmen Moore, B.J. Harrison, and Kaaren de Zilva. It is directed by Martin Wood, with a script from Chris Sivertson.

Double Life will be in Theaters and on Digital on Friday, May 5th, and on Demand on Friday, May 19th.