The Flash Showrunner Promises a Major Twist Coming in Season 7

When it comes to the upcoming seventh season of The Flash there is a lot somewhat up in the air. [...]

When it comes to the upcoming seventh season of The Flash there is a lot somewhat up in the air. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, production on Season 6 was halted leaving the show three episodes shy of plan and while the season still managed to wrap things up and leave fans with a tantalizing cliffhanger, The CW series will need to incorporate those episodes going forward and according to series showrunner Eric Wallace, that means Season 7 will end up having a major twist early on -- one that was originally planned for the end of Season 6.

Speaking with TV Line, Wallace broke down a bit how the remnants of Season 6 will impact the start of Season 7, namely by putting a twist earlier in the season than what would usually occur.

"Because this is The Flash, there's a huge twist at the end of every season, and that twist is now kind of coming in the middle of the [start of the] season," Wallace said. "And that has really affected our storytelling for all of Season 7."

As fans may recall, due to the abbreviated season, things left off with a showdown between Team Flash and Mirror Mistress/Eva McCullough that ended with Eva killing her husband, Joseph Carver and not only revealing her return to the public but also pinning the murder of her husband on Sue Dearbon -- and on top of that Iris remained trapped in the Mirror Universe. While that does leave for a lot of things to come together in Season 7, Wallace said that having to rethink things has been something of a blessing in disguise.

"Amid the horror and the tragedy of what's happening with this pandemic, if we can find some kind of lemonade in the lemon, it's us having to rethink a few things about how a Flash season looks, given this narrative unpredictability to the season," Wallace said.

Wallace also explained that while The Flash will continue with the "graphic novel" storytelling approach, it may look a little different in Season 7.

"There are going to be more graphic novels next year," Wallace said. "But they're not going to be broken up the way I think folks expect."

Of course, The Flash does have more to figure out than just the impact of the remainder of Season 6. Earlier this month, Ralph Dibny actor Hartley Sawyer was fired after racist and misogynistic tweets came to light. It's not yet clear if the series will recast the role -- a possibility given that the character does have "shapeshifting" abilities -- or will just write the character out entirely. Whatever does end up happening, fans will have a bit of a wait to find out what the twist of Season 7 ends up being. The show is reportedly looking at returning to production in August or September and isn't expected to return to The CW until January 2021.

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