The Good Place Finale: Michael Becomes SPOILER

The Good Place aired its series finale on Thursday night, bringing an end to the beloved, morally-conscious sitcom. The series has become a fan-favorite for a wide array of reasons, including its ability to weave in game-changing plot twists and reveals. Even in the series' final moments, it kept up that track record -- and confirmed a long-running fan theory in the process. Spoilers for the series finale of The Good Place, "Whenever You're Ready", below! Only look if you want to know!

The series finale followed the group's potentially-final escapades, including their attempts at finally getting into the actual afterlife. After a series of events, they were able to find a door that would let them do so, and Michael (Ted Danson), the omnipotent demon who had constructed the group's initial experiment, tried to run through. This didn't work, leading to Janet (Darcy Carden) telling him that the door wasn't meant for him.

Michael begins to worry that he'll never be able to leave, which leads Eleanor (Kristen Bell) to concoct a new plan. She suggests that Janet should turn Michael into an actual human, allowing him to live the life he's always weirdly wanted. He quickly accepts (and thanks Eleanor for the idea) before stepping into his human form -- a man named, appropriately, Michael Realman.

The moment plays off of Michael's year-long quest to understand humanity, while also flipping the script on the dynamics that were initially introduced in the series' pilot.

"You know, there's a lot of great things about having an extremely ethical showrunner like Mike Schur, and then there's a couple... downfalls," Bell told of the series ending last year. "One of them is that he... He waited for the story to tell him when it ended. He didn't want to get in a situation where it was like 'oh, they're still trying to — insert-plot-line-here,' you know?"


"He didn't want anyone to get fatigued about this journey, because the statements he's making in this show come from his soul, about what it means to be a good person," Bell continued. "'Why is philosophy important?' 'How are we supposed to share earth?' They were important enough to him that he felt like this journey deserved to have a little bit of an end, and he wrote something that I think is so beautiful and powerful, I think. Though people may be sad that it's ending, I think it will be worth it."

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