The Haunting of Bly Manor's Major Hannah Twist Explained

This weekend, horror fans finally had the chance to binge through all nine episodes of The [...]

This weekend, horror fans finally had the chance to binge through all nine episodes of The Haunting of Bly Manor, the highly-anticipated anthology follow-up to 2018's The Haunting of Hill House. As with most ghost stories, as well as its Hill House predecessor, Bly Manor has quite a lot of mysteries that are explained over the course of the series, though they still may be a little confusing by the time the show is over. Such is the case with the twist surrounding Bly's housekeeper, Hannah Grose, who is played brilliantly by T'Nia Miller.

WARNING: This article contains Major Spoilers for The Haunting of Bly Manor! Continue reading at your own risk...

Throughout the first few episodes of Bly Manor, Hannah exhibits certain peculiar behaviors. She rarely eats, she sees strange cracks in the walls, and she often slips in and out of conversations. People likely had their theories about Hannah, but the fifth episode of Bly Manor erases all of the doubt. Hannah is a ghost, and she's been dead since Dani arrived at Bly.

Just before Dani showed up, Peter possessed Miles and had a confrontation with Hannah, one that had been brewing since before he or Rebecca even died. When talking at the well, Peter used Miles to push Hannah in and she died upon hitting the bottom. The last thing she saw was the crack in the side of the well, which explains her seeing that same crack in various places around the manor.

Unlike many of the other ghosts that inhabit Bly, Hannah spends most of her time unaware that she's dead. She never saw her body because of Dani's arrival, so she never fully comes to grips with her fate. In the fifth episode, however, that changes.

Hannah hops around between her memories and forces herself to confront her death face-to-face. This allows her to help Dani, Miles, and Flora in ways that she couldn't quite understand before.

Unfortunately, Hannah's death also made it impossible for her to have the relationship with Owen that they'd both desired. Not only could she never leave Bly Manor, but she disappeared along with the other ghosts when Dani took on the soul of Viola, essentially breaking the curse that covered the grounds.

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