The Office: All Nine Seasons Free on Peacock for a Limited Time

When The Office moved from Netflix to Peacock at the beginning of the year, most folks were [...]

When The Office moved from Netflix to Peacock at the beginning of the year, most folks were disappointed to learn that they'd need to subscribe to yet another streaming service in order to keep watching their favorite show. Yes, Peacock offers one of the most affordable streaming options on the market, but it's still $4.99 each month that people weren't planning to pay. The first couple of seasons were made available on the free tier of Peacock once the show arrived. If you want to watch the full series, however, you have to pay. That changed on Thursday when Peacock made all nine seasons of The Office free to everyone.

This isn't going to be a permanent change, unfortunately. Starting on Thursday, March 18th, Peacock is making every episode of The Office completely free to stream. This also includes the "Superfan Episodes," which are extended editions of certain episodes that include deleted scenes. At present, Season 3 is the only season with Superfan Episodes currently available.

In addition to making The Office free to stream, Peacock and NBCUniversal are launching a contest for the show's biggest fans. That's right, the Dundies are getting real this year.

Peacock is asking all fans to post an original video or image on Twitter using the hashtag #Dundies2021Contest. This video/photo can be fan art, a look at their Office swag, a recreation of a a scene, or literally anything showing off their love for the show. Peacock will then choose the five best entries and those winners will be awarded with an actual Dundie, merch, and more.

Entries to the Dundies will have to be submitted before 8 pm ET on March 22nd. On March 24th, The Office star Kate Flannery (Meredith) will be announcing the winners online.

Are you excited to stream every episode of The Office for free? Will you be submitting a video to the Dundies? Let us know in the comments! If you haven't signed up for Peacock, you can check out your subscription options right here.

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