The Punisher Actor Jon Bernthal Goes Viral for Wholesome Road Rage Story

Jon Bernthal is typically known for the rough and tough roles he's played. Around these parts, you [...]

Jon Bernthal is typically known for the rough and tough roles he's played. Around these parts, you know him as Frank Castle from Netflix's The Punisher — before that, he became a household name on AMC's The Walking Dead. Though his characters might be a little rough around the edges, it turns out he's as nice as can be in real life. Sunday evening, the actor went viral for having the most wholesome response to getting cut off in traffic.

The incident, if you can call it that, started when a tweeter mentioned she and her partner cut someone off in traffic. Instead of going full-on road rage, Bernthal gave a smile and a wave. Then he managed to find her on Twitter for the most wholesome interaction you'll see on the internet.

"I literally cut off a truck on accident earlier, expected him to flip me off but instead he takes his glasses off and smiles...and its JON BERNTHAL," @teriskies tweets.

That's when Bernthal sought her out and responded, "Much love girl. Tell your man I say what's up."

Though Netflix ended up sending The Punisher to the chopping block, Bernthal said last November he'd be willing to return to the role if Marvel Studios managed to do the character right.

"For me, with Frank, it's really not whether we do it again or not, or whether I play him again or not, it's about doing it right," Bernthal explained. "I just care so much about getting him right, and that's kind of where it begins and ends with me. I just give want to give the folks whom he means so much to the Frank Castle that they deserve. That's sort of where I'm at with it. I love Frank. I always have, I always will."

Both seasons of The Punisher are now streaming on Netflix.

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