Chaz Tries to Hypnotize TrollsTopia in Season 2 Clip (Exclusive)

Fans were introduced to the world of Poppy's music paradise in DreamWorks' TrollsTopia season 1, [...]

Fans were introduced to the world of Poppy's music paradise in DreamWorks' TrollsTopia season 1, as Poppy and Branch attempted to bring all of the different tribes together to form a music Utopia. They actually made some progress, but their work is not done, and now we've got an exclusive look at what the Trolls crew is up to in TrollsTopia season 2 in a brand new clip. Poppy was shocked to learn that they accidentally excluded an entire Smooth Jazz tribe from TrollsTopia, and so she's tried to make sure that Chaz and the Smooth Jazz Trolls feel welcome. Unfortunately, that gave Chaz the opening he needed to turn TrollsTopia into his own Smooth Jazz paradise.

As you can see in the clip above, Val is still pretty suspicious of Chaz, but Poppy keeps telling her that nothing is going on. When Chaz is finally confronted, he reveals that Val was right, and he is attempting to take control of TrollsTopia with his hypnotic tunes and turn everyone there into Smooth Jazz Trolls.

(Photo: DreamWorks)

Val charges at him but the music does its job, and now Poppy and Val are under the spell. Hopefully, someone else can figure out what's going on, otherwise, TrollsTopia is getting a Jazz makeover.

You can check out the clip above and the episode description can be found below.

"When Chaz, the Smooth Jazz Troll tries to hypnotize the whole village into becoming Smooth Jazz Trolls, an unlikely hero saves the day! Discover which troll can resist the velvet smooth, infectious groove of jazz in all new episodes of DreamWorks Trolls: TrollsTopia!"

(Photo: DreamWorks)

TrollsTopia is executive produced by ​Matthew Beans (​Trolls: The Beat Goes On!​) and stars Skylar Astin (​Pitch Perfect)​ as Branch, Amanda Leighton (​The Fosters, This Is Us​) as Poppy, David Fynn (​Undateable​) as Biggie, Ron Funches (​Undateable​) as Cooper, Kenan Thompson (​Saturday Night Live)​ as Tiny Diamond, Megan Hilty (​Smash​) as Holly Darlin', Jeanine Mason (​Grey's Anatomy, Roswell)​ as Minuet, Kat Graham (​Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)​ as R" & "B, Kevin Michael Richardson (​Trolls World Tour, American Dad​) as Smidge, and Sam Haft (​Younger​) as Chaz.

You can find the official synopsis for TrollsTopia below.

"The fun doesn't stop in the newest season of TrollsTopia! Friendships between the tribes are stronger than ever with the arrival of "Pal-entine's Day" and the help of the new Metroll train station, connecting all of the neighborhoods together. But when Chaz, a smooth jazz troll arrives, Poppy realizes she accidentally excluded an entire tribe from TrollsTopia and must do everything she can to make her new friends feel at home."

TrollsTopia season 2 hits Peacock and Hulu on March 18th.

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