WandaVision Art Reveals Strange New Use for Infinity Stone

The first reactions for Marvel's WandaVision have arrived and if the earliest returns are any [...]

The first reactions for Marvel's WandaVision have arrived and if the earliest returns are any indication, it's fairly apparent Marvel Studios has another bonafide hit on its hands. In coordination with the early release of WandaVision episodes to select critics, the House of Mouse also distributed mailer boxes jam-packed with new merchandise in support of the show. One of the new merchandising trinkets included is a faux-vintage TV Guide issue that features the show's two stars front and center.

With Vision (Paul Bettany) in human form, the Mind Stone makes its appearance in another way — apparently in the form of a remote held in suspension between the hands of Vision's dearly beloved Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen).

Throughout much of the first reactions, one recurring compliment of the show is Bettany's comedic chops throughout as he and Olsen tackle sitcoms through the eras. Last year, the actor told a story of how he thought his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was coming to a close after his character had been killed off in Avengers: Infinity War. Then one fateful afternoon, he received a call that originated from deep within the Marvel Studios compound.

"I got a call from Kevin Feige and he said, 'Come and see me and Louis D'Esposito,' and I was like, 'Ahh, I'm getting canned,'" Bettany admitted. "I went in to see them and thought they were being generous about it and were gonna let me down gently and, to cut it off at the pass, I walked in there and said, 'Look, guys, this has been a great run and thank you so much,' and they went, 'Are you quitting? We were gonna pitch you a TV show.' And I went, 'Ohh, yeah, okay.'"

The first two episodes of WandaVision hit Disney+ next Friday. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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