WandaVision Rumored to Be Longer Than Expected

For the duration we've known about Marvel Studios show on Disney+, the common theme amongst them [...]

For the duration we've known about Marvel Studios show on Disney+, the common theme amongst them all is the fact they'd last somewhere between six and eight episodes. Just last week, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie said each series would feel like a six-hour Marvel feature. As it turns out, some of the shows might be just a little longer than the eight episodes some have expected the shows to max out at. As of Monday, the scoopers at Murphy's Multiverse have uncovered pretty solid evidence pointing toward a nine-episode — or longer — first season for WandaVision.

According to Murphy's Lizzie Hill, a stuntperson involved in series has a resume floating about saying they appeared in the ninth episode of the show. Naturally, this doesn't even technically mean the season would be capped at nine episodes, and it could be longer. Even at nine episodes, it would be longer than the first season of The Mandalorian, which clocked in at eight episodes.

Last August, WandaVision star Paul Bettany echoed a similar sentiment to what Mackie expressed last week. Though a television series at heart, Bettany says the show watches like a tentpole film.

"Oh, I don't think that myself or Lizzie have ever been more surprised when Kevin pitched the idea to us," Bettany explained to the channel. "A and One, I thought I was being brought in to be fired; B and Two, I thought they were gonna let me down, you know, like, 'Listen, Paul, we love you, but...' And instead what he did was pitch this idea for a sort of six hour movie that I would never in a million years, which is why he's the one earning the really big bucks, have thought of. And it's so avant-garde and weird and messed up and then moves seamlessly into more familiar territory. But the place that it starts is so odd."

WandaVision is currently set for release in December.

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