WandaVision's Teyonah Parris Won't Confirm or Deny the Reed Richards Fan Theories

For a couple of episodes now, WandaVision has been building up the reveal of Monica Rambeau's mysterious engineer friend. In order to help build a device that can get someone safely into the Hex without turning them into one of Wanda's puppets, Monica needs the help of an aerospace engineer, and she has called in a good friend that fits that description. That friend is on the way to New Jersey and could show up at any moment, and Marvel fans are crossing their fingers that the character is revealed to be Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

This engineer could be anyone, but a lot of signs point in Reed's direction. We know the FF are coming to the MCU, the cast as teased a "Luke Skywalker-level cameo" in the show, and Reed Richards is the most famous mind in all of Marvel. People want this character to be Reed. Teyonah Parris, who plays Monica on the show, was asked by Variety about the potential of a Reed Richards cameo. She wisely chose not to confirm or deny the theories.

"You should expect to keep watching and find out what happened," Parris said. "Okay, that wasn’t silent and it wasn’t the other one. I’m not even looking at you right now! I’m trying not to get into it with you!"

While Parris has done a great job of keeping the engineer's identity a secret, she has noted that the appearance of said character will elicit some great responses from fans. During a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Parris talked about the mysterious new character.

"I can't wait to see what y'all's reaction is when you learn with the aerospace engineer is," Parris told us. "Everything about this show excites me. There are so many little surprises, things you don't expect. So in keeping with the theme the show has already set up, I'm always excited."


In the sixth episode of WandaVision, Monica mentions that her friend is nearby, so many fans are assuming we will learn the character's identity in Episode 7. With all of the other mysteries in this show, some of them have to be answered ahead of the final episodes, right?

Who do you think Monica's engineer friend really is? Could it actually be Reed Richards? Let us know in the comments!