WandaVision: Did the Second Trailer Secretly Reveal the Grown Maximoff Twins?

The initial WandaVision trailer gave us the first official look at the Vision twins, as Wanda [...]

The initial WandaVision trailer gave us the first official look at the Vision twins, as Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) each cradled one in their arms. Fast forward a few months and fans have gotten a second trailer for the series; hidden away in one shot is a family portrait that apparently shows the whole clan in the present-day timeline.

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment towards the end of the trailer, the titular duo joins hands as they look out the window as a voiceover tries pumping them up to fight the unseen villain. In the background, you'll see a photo of the family. If you zoom in, you'll notice Wanda sitting behind one of the grown children, who has a full head of hair — seemingly pointing at the fact we'll see Billy and Tommy grown as compared to just infants.

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(Photo: Marvel Studios)

As Bettany himself previously teased, WandaVision "is a beautiful puzzle," and that's something both of the trailers have teased. We've yet to see an antagonist or villain of any kind, with any plot thread pointing back towards Wanda trying to figure out why the reality-altering events are unfolding before her and her beau.

"It's a really big swing we've taken a really big and it's a beautiful puzzle that the audience will get to open over the course of the episodes," Bettany said. "Peel back the layers and get closer and closer to the truth of what is going on in this town for this strange couple. I would also say that there are a lot of firsts for all of us."

He added, "We shot the first episode in two days in front of a live studio audience, and we shot it exactly as you would have shot one of those shows in the '50s, like The Dick Van Dyke Show or I Love Lucy. It was such a thrill and it was so bonkers and fun."

WandaVision debuts on Disney+ January 15th.

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