WandaVision Rumor Points at Two Major Young Avengers Debuts With Mystery Castings

A new WandaVision rumor points at two major Young Avengers making their debuts with mystery [...]

A new WandaVision rumor points at two major Young Avengers making their debuts with mystery castings. There have been murmurs that Wiccan and Speed would make their appearance in the upcoming Disney+ series. Well, MCU Cosmic is reporting that older actors for the characters have already shot their parts for the series. Nobody knows who was cast and now fans are wondering who Marvel tabbed for Wanda and Vision's twins. There were some leaks that showed off young actors doing screen tests for the roles. But, this new revelation would absolutely make people question what other surprises could be hiding in WandaVision.

Their report indicates that Wiccan and Speed will indeed make their first appearance in the Disney+ series. But, in a new twist, the two characters will also appear as teenagers when they hit the main MCU timeline. So, in effect, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness would bring both of the twins and America Chavez into the mix. So, you would have three Young Avengers right there. Add in the Ms. Marvel tv series and it's not hard to speculate that the entire team could be all together before very long.

Back when the Wiccan and Speed rumors began heating up, Comicbook.com's Adam Barnhardt helped break it all down:

"As you can see for yourself, there's very little to go on hence the massive speculation making its rounds online. From a story standpoint, the introduction of Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) and Speed (Tommy Shepherd) makes sense in the current scenario. We've heard time and time again the series will be influenced by Tom King's Vision comics run, where Vision goes on a horror-fueled journey in an attempt to create a family for himself," he explained. "With Vision (Paul Bettany) technically out of the picture on-screen for now, it's totally possible for the show to flip things around and show Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) using her powers to conjure a family for herself."

Earnhardt continued, "It should be noted another piece of the puzzle many are using as supporting evidence is the constant idea Marvel Studios is interested in a Young Avengers property at one point or another. On that front, we've known Hailee Steinfeld is likely playing Kate Bishop in Disney+'s Hawkeye series and Emma Fuhrman is already available as Cassie Lang in the current MCU timeline, meaning they'd just need a few more heroes to complete the Young Avengers team."

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