WarnerMedia Reveals Cartoonito and Ellen DeGeneres Cartoon Trailers

WarnerMedia is turning Ellen DeGeneres into a cartoon for their new programming block Cartoonito. [...]

WarnerMedia is turning Ellen DeGeneres into a cartoon for their new programming block Cartoonito. The preschool shows will be for younger audiences who love programs like Sesame Street, Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go, and Mush-Mush & the Mushables this fall. Little Ellen will bear the name of the famous comedian. Another original called Lucas the Spider was also revealed today. Degeneres' show will be animated in 2D and follow a fictionalized seven-year-old version of the talk show host. Lucas' adventures will be CGI and adapt a viral YouTube show for younger viewers. Both of these shows will not be alone though as Cartoonito brings back a staple of the mid-90s television block: the animated host. Kids will meet Nito, Glob, Wedge, and Itty during these new shows. Check out a short description of each one right here.

  • Nito is a magical box of joy bursting with imagination, surprise, and even other characters! Ever curious, Nito loves exploring the world and eagerly shares facts with others: "Oh, oh, oh! Pandas eat up to 40 pounds of bamboo a day." They are a natural leader and everyone's best friend.
  • Glob expresses themselves through shapes, not words, and physically shows their emotions. A neuro-diverse shapeshifter, they love playing pretend and becoming new things. Glob is very caring and protective of their friends--especially Itty--and is always coming to the rescue in hilarious ways!
  • Wedge can be cautious and careful, but is capable of feats of great derring-do with the encouragement of friends! A triple-threat trilingual character, Wedge is super into arts and crafts, loves to help others and is the ultimate team player.
  • Itty is the baby of the group and is just learning to speak. Like the world's happiest toddler, they bounce through life and radiate positivity! Communicates with giggles, goos, and the occasional upchuck if upset.

WarnerMedia describes Cartoonito down below:

"Cartoonito is the WarnerMedia Kids & Family preschool programming block set to debut on Cartoon Network and HBO Max this fall. Inspired by Positive Psychology and 21 st Century Learning, Cartoonito is based on the proprietary preschool educational framework of Humancentric Learning, which aims to support every child's humanness by celebrating their unique selves. With a roster of originals actively in development, Cartoonito will offer modern programming that leans into WarnerMedia's Kids & Family iconic IP that stems from Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios."

"Mush-Mush & the Mushables and Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go are among a slate of 20 new series that will be available at launch. In addition, a portfolio of originals including Batwheels, Sesame Workshop's Bea's Block, Bugs Bunny Builders, Little Ellen, and a collection of projects from bestselling children's book author Mo Willems will add to thousands of hours of content from WarnerMedia's legacy library and global acquisitions."

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