Warrior Stars Tease Epic Fight to Come in Season 3

There are few (if any) TV shows currently on the air that can stand toe-to-toe with Warrior when it comes to its action. The Max original series — which began as a Cinemax original — is based on the writings of late screen legend Bruce Lee, and his martial arts prowess is present in every single episode of the show. An insane amount of care and precision is put into all of Warrior's fight scenes, of which there are many, resulting in a series unlike anything else on television. 

Warrior has become known for its incredible fight sequences, and the highly anticipated third season will be upping the ante in quite a few ways. Ahead of Warrior's Season 3 debut, stars Andrew Koji and Jason Tobin spoke with ComicBook.com about what fans can expect when the show finally returns after a lengthy hiatus. When the subject of the new season's fight scenes came up, both actors teased a specific sequence that they're anxious for viewers to see.

"I have a favorite fight scene from Season 3, but I don't feel like I could talk much about it," Tobin told us. "But I can explain to you why I enjoyed it so much, and hopefully when the audience sees it, they'll know what I'm talking about. There's been many, many great scenes, many great fight scenes that I've done on Warrior, but what I particularly enjoyed about Season 3 was that we'd all done this before. We're working with the same teams. There's a shorthand for working together, and it was just another level of collaboration where it wasn't just the choreography, it wasn't just the writing, it was the acting and putting all together so that the fight scene is more than the sum of its parts."

"And then getting to work with the actors as much as it was getting to work with the choreographers, the stunt performers," he added. "It was really a melding of all these different departments and truly when filmmaking is at its best, in my opinion."

While talking about the same fight (which neither actor went into great detail about), Koji said that a big motivation to make it as epic as possible was the fact that no one involved with Warrior knows if there will be more beyond Season 3. Approaching this season like the potential end allowed everyone to go all-out.

"Warrior ceased to exist at some point, except in the hearts of the people, I think we went in all guns blazing for this one because we're like, 'We don't know.' We still don't know, as of right now, if we're going to get a Season 4," Koji said. "But I think that's why we were like, 'We're going to put out all the stops. This could be our final season.' Who knows? The way of the industry is in such a state of chaos and flux right now. So I think we treated it like we just tried and left it al on the floor as much as possible. That's why I hope we got our best and believe we've got our best season yet."

Warrior Season 3 Premiere Date

Warrior has been away from the screen for some time, so fans are beyond thrilled to see it finally return to the spotlight. After two seasons of the series were produced, Cinemax stopped making original programs. This was back in 2020. Warrior was moved to HBO Max (now Max) for its third season, but production on the new installment had to be put on hold due to the pandemic.

Thankfully, the wait is finally over, as the first three episodes of Warrior Season 3 will debut on Max on June 29th. The rest of the season will be released on a weekly basis after that.