Warrior Season 3 Trailer Released by MAX

It's time to choose a side. After a nearly three year hiatus, Warrior is finally making its way back to the screen for its highly anticipated third season. The acclaimed martial arts series, based on the writings of Bruce Lee, was a hit on Cinemax for its first two seasons. However, when Cinemax scaled back its original programming, Warrior moved to HBO Max for its third season. HBO Max is now Max, and Warrior is now set to make its triumphant return, airing new episodes for the first time since 2020.

On Wednesday, the Max social media accounts shared the official poster for Warrior Season 3, with the confirmation that trailer for the new season would arrive on Thursday. Thankfully, Thursday is here, and so is trailer. You can check it out below!

The advertising for Warrior Season 3 has been heavily hinting at the war between rival Tongs, the Hop Wei and Long Zii. Young Jun and Ah Sahm are now running things for the Hop Wei, and the fact that the Long Zii's fearsome new leader is Ah Sahm's sister hasn't seemed to bring the two sides any closer. Mai Ling is ready for battle, as are the Hop Wei. 

Warrior was created by Jonathan Tropper, the writer behind Cinemax's hit series Banshee. Tropper also executive produces alongside Justin Lin and Shannon Lee, the daughter of the late Bruce Lee.

"Justin, Jonathan, and I were thrilled when Warrior was put on HBO platforms to be discovered by a whole new legion of fans," Lee said back when Season 3 was announced. "Now we are excited and grateful for the opportunity to do another season, and we applaud HBO Max for understanding the importance of telling this story and for continuing to support this level of representation in our industry. I just know that my father is grinning right now to see this show he dreamed of so long ago continuing to beat the odds. We have every intention of delivering the same high level of meaningful storytelling and Gung Fu action in season 3!"

Are you excited for the third season of Warrior? What did you think of the new trailer? Let us know in the comments!