Willow Showrunner Breaks Down the Three Book Volumes in Post-Credit Scene

The final episode of Willow is now streaming on Disney+, and it has fans hoping for future seasons. While the show hasn't been renewed yet, there were some big cliffhangers in the finale as well as a tease for a three-season plan in the post-credits scene. After the credits, a "Volume I" book is put on a shelf next to two more volumes. Showrunner Jonathan Kasdan recently talked with io9 about the finale and broke down the meaning of the books. 

"Yeah, I mean we've always been sort of in love with this idea that Willow existed as this book in a library somewhere that has been waiting to be opened for 35 years," Kasdan explained of the three volumes. "And it sort of sat on a shelf in the expectation that someone's going to pull it down. And certainly, as we told the story and got to the end of the story, we all knew and felt that where we were ending was certainly not the end of the story. And so it was a throwing of the cap over the wall, if you will, to sort of say 'There really is [more].' And what you can't help doing when you're surrounded by people you love working with is starting to talk about where it's going to go. And we had already been in that conversation when we were finishing shooting a year ago, and certainly, it's continued in the intervening year."

Kasdan continued, "The thought was that the movie and the first season are volume one, so that the movie sort of serves as a prologue to the first volume and that each one would have a similar kind of shape to it." He added, "You got to see where [Elora] came from and what she's up against and certainly, yeah, it feels like an epic story. But it's also partly, I come out of movies and three-act structure. So one of the guiding principles of the first season of doing this show was that it would function in a lot of ways like the first act of a movie, in which you sort of set up your characters and your conflicts and then you're hopefully able to go explore some other parts of it [in act two], and then ultimately give a real resolution [in act three]. I certainly entered into this thinking the story that I hope to tell would be more than these eight hours, but that it would be a finite story and wouldn't be a series that could go on for 12 or 15 seasons." 

Will Willow Get a Second Season?

"Honestly, I have no idea," Kasdan told io9 about a renewal timeline. "We've never been in that kind of dialogue. My marching orders have always been 'Go forward, young man. Keep coming up with these stories.' And I'm certainly game to do it and I love everybody involved. So that's not a hard order to get to work on." He added, "Yeah, we've been working really, really hard and we're very optimistic. I mean, certainly, in some form or another, we would love nothing more than to keep going and to tell more."

The first season of Willow is now available to stream on Disney+.