Renew Willow Trends After Disney+ Releases Finale

The finale of Willow, "Children of the Wyrm," is now streaming on Disney+, and fans of the fantasy series are hoping it gets renewed for a second season. Willow is a follow-up to the film of the same name from 1988 and sees the titular character (Warwick Davis) going on an adventure with a whole new cast of characters. The finale set up a lot of potential storylines for the future, including a "Volume One" book getting put on a shelf next to two more volumes, alluding to a three-season plan. Now, fans are tweeting #RenewWillow with the hopes of catching the attention of Lucasfilm and Disney. You can see what some diehard Willow fans are saying below... 

"Renew Willow cuz I need them back already," @maybegrayson tweeted. "#RenewWillow officially so this won't drive us mad," @tomthefanboy tweeted with a photo of the three book volumes. "In case I haven't made myself clear up until this point, you NEED to watch this show. Season One just wrapped up so you can binge it if that's what you've been waiting for. Now stop scrolling this hellsite and GO WATCH! #Willow #RenewWillow," @Arkwulf shared. "#RenewWillow because I asked nicely Bob Iger," @MarienneMaid added.

"#RenewWillow because this show embodies the empathy and hope that the world needs, has the funny and memorable characters that make the adventure worth having, and is a wonderful tribute to both the original film and to the sword and sorcery genre as a whole!" @FemmeFictionale wrote. "Not many movies or series nowadays capture the feeling of nostalgia quite like Willow did. It feels like the tv movies of old that were campy as hell and everyone involved seemed like they were having a blast on set. I loved every second of it. Please #RenewWillow," @GrushkovMusic posted.

Recently, showrunner Jonathan Kasdan spoke with and addressed the possibility of a second season. "I hope so," Kasdan shared. "We're certainly working at it and I'm begging Kathy [Kennedy] because working with these actors and this crew of filmmakers on this show has been the best experience. We still feel like there are a lot of stories and bigger places to visit."

Is Val Kilmer in Disney+'s Willow?

Originally, Val Kilmer was going to return as Madmartigen, but the actor struggled with his health after a battle with throat cancer, and filming during COVID felt too risky, so they ended up writing him out of the series. However, in the show's sixth episode, Kilmer's son, Jack Kilmer, provided Madmartigan's voice in a scene. In the finale," Madmartigen is heard once again speaking words of wisdom to his daughter, Kit (Ruby Cruz). While you don't actually see the character, it was a nice way to honor Kilmer and his beloved role in the movie. 

"Jack has been a great friend to Willow all along, you know," showrunner Jonathan Kasdan previously told Decider. "Between Joanne and Val he basically is the child of the Willow franchise." He added, "We actually recorded with Val and we used his performance as a guide track. Then Jack was given Val's performance to listen to and then copy what his dad had done in terms of you know, the performance elements of Val's thing."

The first season of Willow is now streaming on Disney+.