Wu-Tang: An American Saga Season 2 Trailer And Premiere Date Revealed By Hulu

Hulu released the trailer and premiere date for Wu-Tang: An American Saga season 2. Check out the [...]

Hulu released the trailer and premiere date for Wu-Tang: An American Saga season 2. Check out the trailer above! Hulu got a breakthrough hit on their hands when they launched this original series, which functions as a semi-fictional origin story for legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan. Season 1 of Wu-Tang: An American Saga was all about the civilian and/or criminal lives of various Clan members like RZA, Chef Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and Method Man - and the conflicts between them - leading up to the moment that RZA had the idea to pull together a supergroup from the various boroughs of NYC.

When Wu-Tang: An American Saga ended, the Wu-Tang Clan's music was just beginning to break through and get radio play - even as the real-life situations and beefs between the future Wu-Tang Clan members were reaching a boiling point.

The series launched in fall 2019 and was quickly renewed for season 2 by Hulu in January of 2020. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the production and release schedule - but at the same time, the pandemic has only allowed Wu-Tang: An American Saga to gain more attention and acclaim within the hip-hop community, as fans late to the party dug in deep to season 1 of An American Saga during lockdowns, giving it a nice social media buzz-boost last year. If all goes well, that should translate to some nice rating when season 2 kicks off.

Wu-Tang An American Saga Season 2 Trailer Release Date
(Photo: Hulu)

Watch the trailer for Wu-Tang: An American Saga Season 2 above, and get the season 2 details, below (via Hulu):

The first three episodes of "Wu-Tang: An American Saga" season two premiere September 8 on Hulu. New episodes stream Wednesdays.

SERIES SYNOPSIS: The Clan is disillusioned with life in the projects, and Bobby knows that success in the music industry could be their ticket to better lives. But getting the Clan members to drop everything for music isn't easy. The resentment between Dennis, Sha, Power and Divine still runs deep, while the other Clan members struggle dealing with intercity life. This time around, Bobby is dedicated to authenticity and though he knows he can lead his crew through the challenges of the music business, the Clan's fractures may prove too much to overcome.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Alex Tse, The RZA, Method Man, Brian Grazer and Samie Kim Falvey


  • BOBBY (RZA) / Ashton Sanders
  • SHA / Shameik Moore
  • DENNIS / Siddiq Saunderson
  • DIVINE / Julian Elijah Martinez
  • POWER / Marcus Callender
  • SHURRIE / Zolee Griggs
  • ASON / T.J. Atoms
  • SHOTGUN / Dave East
  • GARY / Johnell Young
  • LINDA DIGGS / Erika Alexander
  • REBEL / Uyoata Udi
  • U-GOD / Damani Sease

Wu-Tang: An American Saga will premiere the first 3 episodes of Season 2 on September 8th, only on Hulu.