Yellowstone Star Teases Major Hurdles for Their Character in Season 5

The fifth season of Yellowstone are going to bring some major changes to not only the members of the Dutton family, but also the people around them as well. Things are changing for everyone in Montana with John Dutton's new job as the state's governor, especially those who have had business rivalries with the ranching patriarch. Thomas Rainwater is absolutely one of those people, and he is facing some unique challenges as the series returns.

Rainwater's dealings with Market Equities gave him a chance to gain access to some of the Yellowstone land and establish a bigger casino presence, giving jobs to tons of people on the reservation. With John now in office, and able to make some of the rules in Montana, Rainwater's chances of getting that land are quickly diminishing.

"Market Equities was not anticipating John being a policy maker and entering the political field, which is going to be a very different power position of leverage for him," Yellowstone star Gil Birmingham told TVLine. "I know that his objective is for his own land, so I've got to reassess. I don't know quite how that's going to affect us."

Birmingham went on to say that there will be a lot of disappointment amongst Rainwater's tribe, as he already made promises about the kind of jobs his deal with Market Equities could create. With John's new position, he probably won't be able to keep those promises.

"I know it's going to disappoint the tribe, because there are 300 jobs that are going to be lost," Birmingham continued, "and there are promises that Rainwater's made to the reservation, and those things are gonna fall apart, which will make him vulnerable. We'll have some internal conflict as a result of that."

When Does Yellowstone Season 5 Premiere?

After breaking records with its fourth season, Yellowstone is finally returning to the Paramount Network for its highly anticipated fifth installment. The Season 5 premiere will air on Sunday, November 13th, followed by new episodes each week after that. In December, prequel/spinoff series 1923 will debut on Paramount+.

Yellowstone is quickly becoming one of the biggest properties in Paramount's roster, and the company is clearly going all-in on the Taylor Sheridan-created franchise. In addition to 1923, here will be a spinoff to the already existing prequel 1883, which till tell the story of Bass Reeves. The long awaited 6666 spinoff is also acting as a prequel of sorts, and it has been moved from Paramount+ to the Paramount Network.