My Hero Academia Sets Up the Return of Deku's Quirk

My Hero Academia Chapter 423 is setting up Deku getting One For All back!

My Hero Academia is now one step closer to the manga's grand finale, and the newest chapter of the series is setting up Izuku Midoriya to get his quirk back! As one of the major sacrifices Deku has made in the fight against Tomura Shigaraki, Deku had given up One For All in order to break through the villain's defenses and have a proper conversation within Shigaraki's mind. But it was soon revealed that All For One took advantage of this, and made Deku's sacrifice pretty much meaningless as he was left with just the final embers of its power. 

But with the rest of the heroes backing him up, Deku had poised one final attack against All For One with the final bits of power within himself. Although he was weakened, and was very much fighting with the knowledge he had lost his power forever, Deku still landed a final punch on All For One. As the newest chapter of My Hero Academia officially brought this fight to an end, there's a good chance that Deku actually has his quirk back within his body as One For All and All One's powers have likely merged into one. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

My Hero Academia: How Will Deku Get His Quirk Back? 

My Hero Academia Chapter 423 sees Deku making contact with All For One, and within the shared space it's revealed that the Vestiges within One For All have managed to spark once again thanks to Shigaraki himself waking up with Deku's attack. Through the effort of One For All and Shigaraki, the villain is fully defeated as Shigaraki gives Deku one final goodbye. But this is likely far from fearing that Deku has lost his quirk forever. In fact, it's likely stronger than ever before. 

It was previously revealed that One For All was already a piece of All For One's many quirks, and the sparking of those previous vestiges are likely a sign of these two powers flowing into one another in a way that had never been seen before. With this clash hinting that All For One's subconscious has faded completely, these powers have likely folded into one within Deku's body. Not One For All or All For One, but something else entirely. A power that would be fitting of the greatest hero Deku teased he became when the manga first began all those years ago.