Brodie Lee's Wife Shares Final Text Conversation Before His Passing

Amanda Huber, the widow of WWE and AEW star Jon Huber (better known as Luke Harper and Brodie [...]

Amanda Huber, the widow of WWE and AEW star Jon Huber (better known as Luke Harper and Brodie Lee), returned to Instagram early Tuesday morning with a heartfelt tribute for her late husband. Lee passed away at the age of 41 over the weekend, so Huber decided to share a quick video of him playing with their son before sharing their final text conversation.

Huber wrote, "It's been 56 hours. 56 hours since you left. It's been weird navigating this storm without you. I was showing @margaret.stalvey videos of you tonight and this is one of the last videos I have. I remember in the moment mentioning you the Johnny Cash quote about paradise. You rolled your eyes and smiled. You knew I was right, but would never admit it. Playing with the dogs, Nolan "SUPERCHARGED" running, and Brodie chasing the dogs.

"I got angry looking at your last texts. We had so much we planned," her post continued. Then I got tagged in old pictures. Pictures I forgot existed. Pictures that remind we of the life we built. The storms we weathered. I've loved you since that first night we stayed up all night talking. I knew you were "it". The weird things we had in common, the ease I was able to talk to you, but most of all your sense of humor. You could make me laugh like nobody else ever could. I LITERALLY "busted a gut" which you were SO proud of (that's another story for another time)."

She then brought up the special episode of AEW Dynamite this week, which AEW president Tony Khan changed into a tribute show for the former TNT Champion.

"Wednesday's @allelitewrestling show @aewontnt will be a testament to the person you were. @tonyrkhan has poured so much thought and love into it, I know you'd be awe-struck. I can't wait," she wrote.

Khan announced the changes to the card on Monday night.