Matt Hardy Gives an Update on The Hardy's Future in AEW

The Hardy Boyz's arrival in AEW earlier this year was widely celebrated by wrestling fans, but it was halted before it could truly get off the ground. Matt and Jeff only teamed up for six matches before Jeff's DUI arrest caused him to be suspended indefinitely, leaving Matt to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward as a solo wrestler. He has since reunited with Private Party and is currently in a feud involving Ethan Page of The Firm, but is still holding out hope that he and his brother will get a proper run as a tag team at some point in AEW. The two were on the verge of winning the AEW World Tag Team Championships before Jeff's arrest, and he won't be allowed back into the company until he can prove he can maintain his sobriety after entering rehab.

"Yes, I would like to go out as The Hardy Boyz. That's kinda how we came in, and I think we would like to go out on that note," Matt recently told Inside The Ropes (h/t WrestleZone). "We would like to do everything that we can in AEW together, obviously. It was really interesting for me. Once again, very frustrating, starting in COVID was frustrating. Once Jeff and I started to really started to get our feet underneath us as the Hardy Boyz, things happened, which was very frustrating. I was just kind of lost at that time, so I kinda pitched a thing to reunite and reconcile with Private Party, and that's currently what we've been doing.

"We've been doing a lot of content that hasn't necessarily lived on the TV programming all the time. It has here and there. Me getting them away from Andrade and now that Ethan Page has bought their contract, and I'm trying to make things right with them, and we're reunited. [inaudible] The Elevation and Dark content and some of the stuff has been online, it's been really fun and really good," he continued.

Matt later added, "I definitely want to have a great run here in AEW with Jeff, and that is my goal. Whenever that happens, it happens. But until then, I'm happy that I'm keeping my time busy and actually involved in a story on programming, the stuff that I'm doing with Private Party. Private Party, once again, I feel like they're growing a lot, and they're gonna get a lot of good out of this too. That's been one of my biggest objectives since day one. I wanted to give back to younger talent and do everything that I can to help develop them and build them. I'm super proud of how these guys have came since I first met them."