AEW's Kenny Omega Retains Impact World Championship Thanks to Young Bucks Assist

AEW's Kenny Omega successfully defended his Impact World Championship for the first time on [...]

AEW's Kenny Omega successfully defended his Impact World Championship for the first time on Saturday night at the Against All Odds pay-per-view event, but it took a pretty big assist from The Young Bucks to make it happen. Omega was scheduled to face Moose in the show's main event, but Scott D'Amore and Tony Khan made the decision earlier this week to have the match occur at Daily's Place in Jacksonville (home of AEW Dynamite for over a year). While it gave Omega the homefield advantage, the idea was that it would stop The Good Brothers or Sami Calihan from interfering since they'd be in Nashville.

But that strategy didn't take The Young Bucks into account. Omega pulled the referee in front of him late in the match to take a Spear from Moose, give Matt and Nick the opening to run down and hit the challenger with double superkicks. They then assisted Omega in setting the big man up for the One-Winged Angel to end the match.

The trio's celebration was short-lived, as Calihan suddenly appeared in the ring to attack Omega. He threatened to batter the champ with a baseball bat and a steel chair, prompting Don Callis to fire Sami under the claim that he was still an executive vice president. Callis doesn't actually hold that title with the company anymore, so don't be surprised if this is overturned quickly.

Omega will continue his run as "The Belt Collector" with another AEW World Championship defense on June 26, taking on Jungle Boy. He recently described the physical toll of defending three world championships across three different companies while on Scorpio Sky's Wrestling With The Week.

"It's a blessing but a curse," Omega said. "As champion, you get some high-quality matches, you become the focal point of the shows, but at the same time, there's a schedule that is required and a demand for your body and health and your psychological health as well. There's just a lot that goes into being a champion.t's cool to look at pictures and be like, 'wow, look at all these belts,' but then I think, 'Man, I have to defend these. I've got to make time to defend these. I have to be that guy for the company somehow. And you just count the days and weeks that you're available to do it. It's requiring a lot of multi-tasking. But I'm still hanging on. And I can do it right now, so I'm going to do it. It may be my last hurrah, but I'm going to do it."