AEW's Will Ospreay Will Challenge for International Title at Double or Nothing

Will Ospreay wins a shot at Roderick Strong's International Championship at Double or Nothing!

Tonight's AEW Dynamite had big implications for Double or Nothing, and by the end of a thrilling match that saw multiple stars give their all, fans learned who would challenge Roderick Strong for the AEW International Championship at the pay-per-view. Dante Martin, Jay White, Penta El Zero Miedo, Will Ospreay, Kyle O'Reilly, Lance Archer, and Komander all battled it out for the chance to compete for the International Championship, and it would ultimately be Ospreay standing tall as the victor. Ospreay will now face Strong at Double or Nothing for the chance to win AEW gold.

This was quite the match, and the variety of styles was one of several reasons why. The speed of a Dante Martin coupled with the pure power of Archer coupled well with the high flying of Komander and the technical prowess of Ospreay, and that's just a few of the styles at play. There was also an abundance of history in the match, as fans were over the moon when former New Japan Pro-Wrestling stars Ospreay and White faced off in the ring.

Ospreay now has his next challenge in front of him, and he's coming off of a dream match scenario from AEW Dynasty, where he faced Bryan Danielson. After the match, Ospreay reflected on the moment on Twitter, where he shared just how much it meant to him to not only face someone he looks up to like Danielson but also facing him in a match that got such a huge reaction from the fans.

"I wish you guys could see my point of view. I could've stood opposite someone that I look up to and idolise and you guys could've just been silent," Ospreay wrote on X. "Instead you gave us this type of reaction & respect before we even did anything. I've never truly felt before. In return we have to give you nothing short of our best. It took so much of me to leave Japan to fully commit to America and a lot of it is anxiety. But this felt like you left the key under the mat and welcomed me into your home. I can't begin to tell you all the gratitude I feel towards the fans, roster, crew & Tony to be apart of this. Next up: Double Or Nothing !!"

Ospreay also reflected on the match with Danielson in an interview with Dani of Black Girl Wrestling at the Dynasty media scrum. For Ospreay, he feels that the match was easily the best performance he's ever had. "In terms of performance I think this is probably the best one I've ever done," Ospreay said. "Like, I was really thinking about it, like, as I was in there. As soon as I heard the three I -- to be honest with you -- I've never felt more joy of performing at that level [with] a guy I grew up watching."

Now Ospreay has a chance to deliver another classic with Strong at Double or Nothing, which takes place on May 26th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Nevada. Right now there are only two matches on the card, including Strong vs Ospreay for the International Championship. With Willow Nightingale's win of the TBS Championship at AEW Dynasty, she is now set to face Mercedes Mone at Double or Nothing, which will be Mone's first match in AEW since her debut at Big Business.

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